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Paddock Park.

Bay Meadows Soccer Field.

Fishermen’s Village.

UCLA Marina Aquatic Center.

Rivendale at Towsley Canyon.

Towsley Canyon Hiking Trails.

Los Angeles Public Library - Palms-Rancho Park.

Marukai Market.

Parish Of Saint Mary.


JR’s Barbeque.

Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

Helen’s Cycles.

Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken.

Morning walk

Helen’s Cycles.

Trader Joe’s.


Kirill Petrenko conducts Strauss, Shostakovich and Norman @BerlinPhill

Andrew Norman’s Sabina was beautiful.

Chief conductor Kirill Petrenko presents two works that reflect the end of the Second World War in very different ways. On the one hand Richard Strauss’s Metamorphosen: a web of sound for 23 solo strings that with warmth and transparency mourns a devastated world. In the case of Shostakovich’s Ninth Symphony, the Soviet rulers hoped for a victory symphony – but received a bright, ironic work that refuses to rejoice. We also hear Andrew Norman’s Sabina, a sound painting full of iridescent reflections of light.…


Rapha Los Angeles.

marina del rey garden center.

I’m listening to more classical music, especially on Berlin Phil and this book gives me background info of composers.

Any recommendations for a good book about HTTP? Something accessible and readible like @abookapart “HTTP for Designers”

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