• Graphaids.

  • JR’s Barbeque.

  • Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

  • Helen’s Cycles.

  • Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken.

  • Morning walk

  • Helen’s Cycles.

  • Trader Joe’s.

  • N/Naka.

  • Kirill Petrenko conducts Strauss, Shostakovich and Norman @BerlinPhill

    Andrew Norman’s Sabina was beautiful. > Chief conductor Kirill Petrenko presents two works that reflect the end of the Second World War in very different ways. On the one hand Richard Strauss’s Metamorphosen: a web of sound for 23 solo strings that with warmth and transparency mourns a devastated world. In the case of Shostakovich’s Ninth Symphony, the Soviet rulers hoped for a victory symphony – but received a bright, ironic work that refuses to rejoice. We also hear Andrew Norman’s Sabina, a sound painting full of iridescent reflections of light. www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concer…

  • N/Naka.

  • Rapha Los Angeles.

  • marina del rey garden center.

  • I’m listening to more classical music, especially on Berlin Phil and this book gives me background info of composers. www.goodreads.com

  • Any recommendations for a good book about HTTP? Something accessible and readible like @abookapart “HTTP for Designers”

  • IndieWebCamp West 2020 - Online only

    Want to work on your personal site this weekend? Sign up free @IndieWebCamp West https://2020.indieweb.org/west

  • Let's Say the Scary Parts Out Loud

    These events aren’t a bad dream that will fade into oblivion when we blissfully wake up, or as the climax of some ongoing story we’re reading or watching; instead, they’re the direct and understandable result of past and ongoing processes

    Historian’s point of view are worthwhile reads. Let’s Say the Scary Parts Out Loud - Perspectives: Past, Present, and Future, by Patrick Wyman

  • St Johns Presbyterian. Fig tree planted circa 1879.

  • Helen’s Cycles.

  • Berliner Philharmoniker

    Listening to The Berlin Phil Series: “Kirill Petrenko Live” Sat, 23 May 2020, 10:00 After the European Concert, which was moving for everyone involved, chief conductor Kirill Petrenko now appears once again with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker in an empty Philharmonie. On this occasion, works from the turn of the century to the 1920s are on the programme: Arnold Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht, which is characterised by a late Romantic tone, Claude Debussy’s atmospheric Prélude à lʼaprès-midi dʼun faune as a beacon of French Modernism, and Paul Hindemith’s spirited and witty Kammermusik No. 1.

    Debussy!!! www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concer…

  • City life could improve if we take environmental concerns seriously — Beautiful News

    “With lockdowns in place, businesses closed and transport at a standstill, air quality has been soaring. Delhi, the 5th most polluted city in the world, has seen a 60% decline in airborne pollutants.

    It doesn’t solve the long term problem of toxic air. But it does show how city life could improve if environmental concerns were addressed more urgently. “ — @beautiful__news

    Air Pollution Has Plummeted Across Many Major Cities

  • Aspire Grant Program Open

    Aspire Grant Program - Conservation Action Research Network We are pleased to announce the call for proposals has opened for the 2020 ASPIRE grants program.

    The Aspire Grant Program provides competitive research grants of up to $5,000 USD for African graduate students and early career professionals working in the areas of biodiversity, conservation and environmental sustainability in the Congo Basin region.

  • Be a Smart Citizen

    The project uses open source technologies such as Arduino to enable ordinary citizens to gather information on their environment and make it available to the public on the Smart Citizen platform.

    Smart citizen is a unique ecosystem of sensing devices, software platforms, and engagement tools that genuinely enable communities to make sense of their environment.

    The Smart Citizen Kit allows people to easily measure and collect data such as air and noise pollution from their environment, and visualize it while sharing it with everyone on its dedicated platform. All of these, while being completely open source and customizable to your needs.

    Sensors for

    • weather conditions
    • air quality
    • noise pollution
    • light pollution


  • The Paper Microscope

    Foldscope is the ultra-affordable paper microscope. It was designed to be portable and durable, while performing on par with conventional research microscopes (140X magnification and 2 micron resolution). I bought a kit plus some prepared slides of microbes, plants and insects to see what it’s like. @TeamFoldscope #citizenscience

  • Went on a 48.28 km (30mile) road ride this morning. My🥇PR distance🦠😷🚴🏽 www.strava.com/activitie…

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