• day 16: Chinese Elm

  • Day 16 Chinese elm #mbfp

  • Day 15: Balance. Bridge in Xitou Mountain. Taichong, Taiwan #mbfeb

  • Miles Davis’ classic album Kind of Blue recorded back in 1959 sounds fresh. Dig it baby. music.apple.com

  • School of Music and inverted fountain @ucla

  • Plain finches are beautiful.

  • Sign of the times? Arlington West on Santa Monica beach. #mbfeb

  • Dolphin swimming at Santa Monica pier

  • Print to Web #06

    Layout #06 is from an amazing book on Andy Warhol’s commercial magazine work. Warhol worked throughout the 50s with art directors Alexey Brodovitch, Henry Wolf, Bea Feitler & Ruth Ansel. I purchased a used copy over the weekend. Each of the layouts give me an opportunity to practice using the CSS Grid and other modern CSS layout properties.

  • Photographer and model in the LA arts district.

  • Topanga Canyon state park

  • Connecting to the IndieWeb

  • I’m gonna give a push to using my micro blog this year.

  • Gorilla exhibit at the American Natural History Museum in New York City was pretty cool.

  • Painting of young computer programmer at Wende Museum in Culver City dediced to cold war artifacts mainly from East Germany and the Soviet Union. This painting, I believe, was from Hungary and didn’t identify the subject as Ada Lovelace.

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