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On the virtues of slow practice from Tilly Fleischmann

“The first phrase (or less, if difficult) is played so slowly that about three seconds can be counted between each successive note or chord. Rhythm and dynamics are eliminated so one can concentrate exclusively on the progression of voices. Students with a knowledge of theory should reflect on tonality, harmonic structure, modulations. The phrase, or portion thereof, is repeated with about two seconds between each note or chord. The next repetition takes time and rhythm into account. The tempo is “exceedingly slow,” but note values are proportional. From this point, the tempo is quickened at each repetition, dynamics, phrasing, and interpretation are considered. Succeeding phrases are practised in the same manner. When all the phrases of the first period have been practised, one begins practise of the period as a whole, beginning moderato and gradually working up to tempo. 22”

— Practicing Music by Design: Historic Virtuosi on Peak Performance by Christopher Berg